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Born from a love of mountains, skiing and people, SecondtimeRound is the specialist matchmaking agency that offers total confidentiality and the opportunity to meet likeminded, potential partners for their next chapter!


We are a specialist, unique and completely confidential matchmaking agency which has no online presence and no apps, offering you a bespoke, personal service where we put you together individuals who have a love of the great outdoors and the mountains.  


Do you love the great outdoors?
Are you ready to look for your next partner?

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About Us

Kristell and Rachel have a professional history of profiling clients in their various careers and a deep interest in human engagement. Their extensive connections in the skiing industry, internationally, give them the perfect platform to connect people sharing the same interests and looking for someone to share their life with.


They want to make the experience seamless, pleasurable, completely confidential and an exciting adventure!


My background is Recruitment, Executive Search and Relationship Management and I have worked and connected with people from all walks of life.  


The psychology of people, human engagement, emotional health and wellbeing are all interests of mine combined with a love of the outdoors and skiing.


I have personally experienced the highs and lows of dating apps, also the varying personalities, the confusion, the suggestions and the complications associated with dating sites which gave me the desire to create a safe, bespoke and personal dating experience offering something a little different to support individuals looking for a meaningful relationship Secondtime Round.

Rachel McIntosh
Kristell Thornton

 I am the owner of Secondhome, Secondhome Interiors and Secondhome Rental Services.

As such I am a specialist in Alpine property investments, Interiors and rentals for over 15 years for both English and French speaking clients. Being in constant contact with people in the ski industry and profiling clients for both property search and rentals means that I have a very large network and experience with people linked to the ski and mountain industry.


Reaching an age at which some of my friends are separated and looking for a new partner, I thought it would be an exciting opportunity to combine my professional and personal experiences into SecondtimeRound, a positive and exciting new experience to add to my business ventures.


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Contact Us

Just send us an email at

We'd love to talk to you.

Fees on request.

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